International Triassic Field Workshops


The annual International Triassic Field Workshops will provide an informal forum for earth scientists who are interested in the Triassic system. The Workshops give the opportunity to visit the different settings of the European Triassic and thus encourage researchers to start cooperation by bringing together their research ideas and outputs. The workshops intend to support area and basin based studies of the European Triassic using a multidisciplinary approach.

The Workshops are normally one week, e. g. arrival on Monday, field trips on Tuesday to Friday, departure on Friday or Saturday. Time is usually in September. Each participant pays his own travel, accommodation, food and drinks. Local transportation is normally with private cars. Guide books are provided.

So far the following International Triassic Workshops were held or are planned (in reverse order):

2014 Southern Israel (D. Korngren, O. Bialik, Ch. Bejamini & R. Rabinovich) - First Circular - Pre-Registration

2013 Eastern Iberian Ranges (J. Lopez-Gomez, R. de la Horra, A. Arche, J.F. Barrenechea, M.J. Escudero-Mozo, B. Galán-Abellán & J. Martín-Chivelet) - First Circular - Pre-Registration

2012 Lombardian Alps (A. Tintori, F. Jadoul, F. Berra, A. Nicora, M. Balini & M. Gaetani) - Second Circular

2011 Triassic of Southeast France - Provence: Var and Alpes-maritimes (organized by M. Durand, J.-P. Caron & H. Hagdorn)

2010 Dolomites (organized by  P. Gianolla, M. Avanzini, E. Kustatscher, N. Preto, G. Roghi)

2009 Southern Germany (organized by H. Hagdorn, T. Simon, E. Nitsch, T. Aigner)
(Excursion guide: pdf, 13 MB) - Download

2009 Supplementary field trip "Buntsandstein near Halle (Central Germany)" - Download (3 MB)

2008 Hungary (organized by T. Budai, J. Haas, G. Konrad, H. Kozur, K. Sebe)

2007 Western Poland (organized by A. Szulc, A. Becker)

2006 Eastern France (organized by S. Bourquin, M. Durand)

2005 Central Germany (organized by G. H. Bachmann, G. Beutler)
(Excursion guide: pdf, 15 MB) - Download

2004 England (organized by M Hounslow)


Gerhard H. Bachmann (Co-ordinator)





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